Eliminate the Prior Authorization Burden for Your Pharmacy

IntelligentPA automatically initiates a request when prior authorization (PA) is likely to be required based on historical data.

How It Works

Step 1

When a claim is rejected, the pharmacist follows their normal process to resolve the claim outside of the PA process.

Step 2

After 10 minutes, if the claim is not resolved, IntelligentPA analyzes data and auto-starts a PA if one is likely to be required.

Step 3

The provider is notified of resolution options to fill the patient’s prescription.

Decreases the need to manually start a PA request

Automatically notifies the provider of a rejection and resolution option

Creates a consistent workflow for all pharmacists and techs

Deeper dispensing system integration capabilities

Let our PA experts help you get started with IntelligentPA.

Preferred IPA Partners

Computer Rx
Speed Script


IntelligentPA (IPA) is CoverMyMeds’s integrated and automatic pharmacy PA solution. It is an evolution of our original EasyButton solution and designed to decrease prescription abandonment, as well as your pharmacy’s time to fill.

IPA learns from and adapts to users’ behavior, automating PA requests where needed, and providing an option to manually start otherwise.

IPA allows you to stay in your pharmacy workflow by automating PA initiation on rejections where a PA is most likely to be needed. Additionally, IPA standardizes PA handling across your pharmacy, reducing the need for ongoing training and onboarding.

Yes! By integrating into your pharmacy dispensing system, CoverMyMeds is able to auto-populate the PA form with all of the demographic information from the claim string; however, if your pharmacy wanted to add additional clinical information before sharing the request with the provider, you can contact CoverMyMeds to have that configuration changed.

Yes! The default resolution window in IPA is 10 minutes, and our data shows that more than 90% of rejected claims that would be resolved without a PA are resolved within the first 10 minutes after rejection. This setting is also configurable; contact CoverMyMeds to have the resolution window either shortened or lengthened.

You can access your CoverMyMeds Dashboard. Access is available for each request as you create them, or by logging into your full dashboard at covermymeds.com. If you are unsure of your login credentials, contact CoverMyMeds!

Contact the CoverMyMeds support team at 1-866-452-5017, email help@covermymeds.com, or chat us online!